Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What does the asterisk mean in the math formula X = A + (B * C) ?

It means multiply. This asterisk sign is used in almost all computer keyboards to represent "Mutiply". It must be there also from where you have typed your question.

What does the asterisk mean in the math formula X = A + (B * C) ?
When you see an asterisk (*), in means multiplication. It comes from the use of * in several programming languages to represent the operation in code. You may also see x^2 to represent "two squared". Some people would write that as x**2. Same thing, it comes from computer coding and the fact that you don't have superscript keys on your keyboard.

x doesn't get used because it's the name of a variable and it's confusing if you use it both as a name and as the symbol for an operation.
Reply:* - Multiplication

/ - Division

Still can't understand y they dont use 'x' for multiplication
Reply:the asterix just means to multiply...for example


Reply:It is multiplication.
Reply:it could be multiplication or it could be a fuction
Reply:X=A+(B 'times' C)


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